Message from Clifford Borg Pianist Malta Piano New Age



When you are passionate about what you do, you could even change people’s lives by the power of such passion. I am passionate about music and feel that music has such power to bring about change. I believe that my music can inspire change in people’s lives.

– Clifford




A Thosand Knives – DF Tram featuring Clifford Borg

Eco Harmony – New World Music Album

His music has certainly touched and left a sentimental feeling in our hearts.
President Guido DeMarco, 2001
Clifford is providing Maltese audiences with some enjoyable chill-out piano music sounds.
Joseph Camilleri - Music Critic, Times of Malta, 2002
Drifted is a true example that good, passionate music does not need cosmetic facelifts.
Michael Bugeja - Music Critic, Malta Independent, 2003
What is striking about Borg is how he manages to roll so many influences and make them his own.
Eric Montfort - Music Critic, Times of Malta, 2004
Stimulating, delicate pieces that ooze sentiment and energy applied in varying juxtaposed measures.
Michael Bugeja - Music Critic, Times of Malta, 2009
Borg`s music is unashamedly chill-out, and very good chill-out at that.
Alex Vella Gregory - Music Critic, Times of Malta, 2009
Music from Origin creates a melodramatic-like audible scenery and very stringent musical dramaturgy.
Prof Robert J. Wierzbicki - 2010
Origin at times is big music without sounding pretentious.
Eric Montfort - Music Critic, di-ve 2013
Whenever I listen to Clifford Borg playing the piano, I know that my ears are about to be caressed by delicate music from a broad range of emotional passions spanning a lifetime.
Toni Sant - Music Journalist, Dec 2016
Borg`s music expresses strength, passion, grace, tenderness and whatever else he wants to communicate in a style that is both beautiful and accessible.
Kathy Parsons - February 2017
Clifford Borg belongs to a new generation of audacious, intelligent and young Maltese musicians who have brought about a quiet revolution in our music scene.
Eric Montfort, 2013